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Ysis Percq speak about Electric Motion in ToulEco on France Bleu ! “A company that innovates in the motorcycle world“

ELECTRIC MOTION on “On the Pegs” magazine !

ELECTRIC MOTION on “On the Pegs” magazine ! A full article with our electric bike on the famous web magazine “On the pegs” ^^ Electrify yourself on the page 90 ! ON THE PEGS Edition : April 2017,Vol 2, Issue 4 Publisher / journalist : SHAN MOORE On the pegs April 2017,Vol 2, Issue 4 ON THE PEGS

Departure of Sylvain MICHEL trial season with its EMSport 2017 !

DEPARTURE OF SYLVAIN MICHEL TRIAL SEASON WITH ITS EMSPORT 2017! A few words of the young electric pilot after his victory in the 1st competition of the Year.   “First competition of the year with the EM 2017, some rain, few specials section of the world championship, despite a puncture in the first round that […]

Sames solar renews its electrical experience !

Sames solar renews its electrical experience !   Sames Solar was our first customer ! Nowadays he renews the electrical experience with the EMSport 2017 and it impressed him a lot  ! Successful Electrical Alliance with Electric Motion Motorcycles and the Photovoltaic Panels Company.   Find out some pictures here.  


ELECTRIC MOTION ANDORRA “RIDE LAGARRIGA” with his 2017 Escape   Thanks to our importer in Andorra, Alex Antor, for this great demonstration ! Find out the video on his Facebook page !

Electric TrialGP is coming

Electric TrialGP is coming   The electric World Trial Championship event, Electric TrialGP / FIM Trial-E Cup (Trial-E), will take place on the French round in Lourdes, June, 24th & 25th. Of course Electric Motion will be there. More informations coming here   Thierry Michaud, FIM Trial Commission Director : “We are delighted that there is now […]

An Arm wrestling champion rides the EMLite

An Arm wrestling champion rides the EMLite Andy Barker former World Arm wrestling silver medalist, picking up his new bike at Inch Perfect Trial #electricmotion #lite @electricmotion_officiel