Electric Motion is the company, EM, the brand.

Even if the first years were dedicated to many things not directly related to the world of electric (a few contracts to be honored with major manufacturers in the “thermal” world), our adventure was launched, at a time when the “electric” bet was…daring.

A few years later, despite a multitude of obstacles of all kinds, our company’s history is entering a new phase. Design, create, innovate,…dust off, are the DNA of EM. We are not interested in pioneering for the sake of pioneering.

To be a company that demonstrates that the technological shift we have made makes sense, yes. To be a company that, on a sound basis, on first-rate technical values, on recognized experience and know-how, offers intelligent solutions through its motorcycles, yes. So, we’ve approached 2019 with many new challenges. After a few years of “big and small successes” our historical EM5.7 is over.

More than 1500 models produced, distributed in more than twenty countries, our various models have equipped schools, have allowed some (young and old) to discover the pleasure of practicing a 2-wheel motorized off-road, legally, tranquility, safety, and serenity, others to come back to their first love, the simplicity of access of our bikes giving back a taste for the basic pleasure without the disadvantages of “petrol bikes”.

And then, incidentally, it has been shown that, from a competition point of view, this same bike could climb onto a few international podiums and win a national championship title.

A beautiful little career started under a few whistles and mockery, which only had the effect of giving us even more energy.

2021, the year of all possibilities

Two years ago, we moved to our new premises. Located in a beautiful business park, our “fresh” factory has provided our teams with much better, optimised conditions, with a surface area adapted to our activity and expandable for years to come. Test areas and dedicated “customer” areas in the immediate vicinity. Very quick access from the motorway, our customers are well looked after.

A new visual identity, symbolised by a “clean and dynamic” logo, a new website, new working “tools” and a strengthened team combining youth, experience, dynamism and “new look” have also given our company a boost.

And above all, the development of our Escape model, a general public vehicle combining advanced technology and ease of use. The Escape is designed for those who want to get away from it all and enjoy the great outdoors in total peace and quiet. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, this new range will surprise you with its outstanding performance and state-of-the-art equipment.


Our technical teams have concentrated on integrating the various requests gathered from the motorbikes’ appearances. You can find all the details of these bikes on our website. Our vision does not stop at electric propulsion alone. We believe that in 2021, it is essential to live with the times and to integrate what today’s tools and technologies offer. You will be surprised to discover the enormous potential of our new creations, and the work done to allow everyone and as many people as possible to practice in the best conditions, with motorbikes capable of adapting, from the beginner’s level to the champion’s requirements.

We are determined to remain very close and accessible to provide you with as much information as possible, so please do not hesitate to contact our various departments to get the best answers to all your questions.

We thank all those who have trusted us, and all those who will trust us by discovering this new evidence: to take pleasure and leave the constraints.

Skeptical that an electric motorcycle can bring you as much pleasure as a gas bike? Keen on new technologies and curious to discover the electric powertrain? Nature lovers and wishing to ride while respecting the environment? Whatever your motivations... Book a test ride and live a unique experience!