ELECTRIC MOTION grants a contractual warranty of a determined duration depending on the product, which will be communicated to the purchaser with the list of products. The starting point of the guarantee will be fixed by the date of departure of your EM model.

Subject to ELECTRIC MOTION’s responsibility being recognised by ELECTRIC MOTION or demonstrated by the purchaser, it is expressly agreed between the parties that ELECTRIC MOTION’s responsibility is strictly limited, at ELECTRIC MOTION’s discretion, to the obligation to replace or reimburse the non-conforming vehicles.

The warranty is activated at the time of purchase of the motorbike by the first buyer. The EM bike must be registered via our website (www.electric-motion.fr). The proof of purchase and the VIN number associated with the motorbike (on the invoice) must be provided.

If a bike is not registered, the warranty will start from the factory date (ELECTRIC MOTION, Vendargues) as follows:

  • France / Europe: 1 month after leaving the factory.
  • Export cases (USA, Australia, Japan, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, Taiwan, Korea, United Arab Emirates): 2 months after leaving the factory.

Nevertheless, the serial number and the purchase invoice must be sent to ELECTRIC MOTION in the event of a warranty claim.

The EM warranty applies to the vehicle. Consequently, the transfer of its ownership does not modify the conditions of application of this warranty. Nevertheless, ELECTRIC MOTION must be informed of the change of owner for the warranty to be valid (new registration procedure on our website (www.electric-motion.fr)


Warranty conditions


If the vehicle is repaired by the customer or a member of his personal distribution network, ELECTRIC MOTION will not bear the cost of labour.

This warranty does not cover the cost of transporting the part or the risks associated with the drop-off and pick-up of your product at the dealer. However, it does cover the return journey to the customer or the official EM dealer.

If the defective part is covered by the warranty, it will be returned to the customer, ELECTRIC MOTION or an official EM dealer reserves the right to replace the defective parts or products with new or factory-revised parts or products.

All replaced parts and products will become the property of ELECTRIC MOTION or the official EM dealer.

After acceptance of the guarantee, ELECTRIC MOTION will proceed with the reimbursement of the sale price of the defective part, the said reimbursement taking the form of a credit note to be deducted from the current invoices.

In order to benefit from the warranty, the user must provide proof of checks and revisions in accordance with the owner’s manual, which justifies that the maintenance operations recommended by the manufacturer have been carried out.

All new EM vehicles are accompanied by an owner’s manual.

Repair work under warranty must be carried out under the responsibility of and in the EM workshop or in the workshop of an authorised EM dealer.


Limitation of warranty


The ELECTRIC MOTION warranty is limited if it is proven that the defect is due to :

  • The vehicle has not been maintained in a proper manner, including failure to follow the instructions for maintenance treatment or care set forth in the manual,
  • Non-original EM parts have been fitted, modifications or adaptations have been made to the vehicle which are not provided for by the manufacturer,
  • The user has had the vehicle prepared or serviced by a workshop not belonging to the EM network,
  • The vehicle has been used in an abnormal manner (for example: participation in sporting competitions, overloading even for a short time, storage in poor conditions),
  • The damage is the consequence of normal wear and tear of the equipment.


Exclusion of the warranty


The ELECTRIC MOTION warranty does not cover the following cases:

  • Normal wear parts: tyres, cables, pulleys, bearings, belts, chains, crowns and sprockets, brake pads and shoes, various seals.
  • Breakage or damage due to shocks, falls, intensive friction.
  • The costs of maintenance, periodic maintenance revisions.
  • Ingredients, as well as those relating to the breakdown service (e.g. immobilisation of the vehicle, telecommunications, subsistence, cover, travel expenses), damage to goods or transported goods, and other financial losses (e.g. loss of use, loss of income, loss of time and similar).
  • Damage or defects resulting from use, installation, operation or handling of the product not in accordance with the intended use, or the installation and operating instructions of ELECTRIC MOTION.
  • Maintenance of the product not in accordance with ELECTRIC MOTION’s instructions.
  • Installation or use of the product that does not comply with technical or safety standards or regulations.
  • Use of the product with software not supplied or incorrectly installed.
  • Use of the product with accessories whose type, condition and standards do not meet EM’s requirements.
  • Repairs carried out or attempted by persons other than EM official repairers or mechanics who have undergone the initial training.

Modifications or adaptations made without ELECTRIC MOTION’s prior written consent, including :

  • Upgrading the product beyond the specifications or features described in the user manual.
  • The motorbike has been used in an abnormal manner (for example: participation in sporting competitions, overloading, even if only temporary, storage in poor conditions)
  • Modifications made to the product to comply with technical or safety standards, national or local, in force in any country other than those for which the product was originally designed and manufactured
  • Negligence.
  • Accidents, fire, liquids, chemicals, other substances, flooding, vibration, excessive heat, inadequate ventilation, power surges, excessive or inadequate power supply, radiation, electrostatic discharge, including lightning and other external forces and effects.




The use of non-genuine EM parts or modified parts systematically eliminates any possibility of warranty claims. The same applies to internal modifications to the electronic parameters of your vehicle.

Furthermore, these modifications, which tend to increase the power and/or speed, are the responsibility of the owner.

We would like to remind you that it is strictly forbidden to modify the parameters of your EM bike.

Concerning the information you can find (on the internet or anywhere else) do not under any circumstances replace the parameters or the program of your EM electric motorbike by parameters or a program coming from a third party.

Our settings are created and tested only for our EM electric motorbike and any other program is incompatible with our EM electric motorbike.
A different program from ELECTRIC MOTION will damage your bike (it will not be faster or more efficient…).

Moreover, such a modification is noticeable during a check carried out on your vehicle and automatically cancels your warranty.

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